Interstate offers Every Battery for Every Need TM.  If you have an application that requires a battery we have it!  Give us a call at 248-589-9084 for personalized help with whatever your require.

Emergency Lighting

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Electric Forklift / 

Pallet Jack

Marine/ RV Batteries- deep cycle, starting, AGM, dual-pupose; we have them all.  We carry a wide selection to meet all of your marine and recreational vehicle power needs.  They'll consistently start your engine and power everything along the way.  With Interstate, you have the power to go anywhere. 

Commercial Batteries‚Äč- whether you make your living by hauling cargo coast to coast, haul regionally or in your local community, nothing should stop you from getting to your destination quickly and safely.  For years, Interstate Batteries have provided heavy-duty truck batteries for drivers and fleets across America.  

Automotive Batteries- your car is one of your most valuable investments.  Take care of your investment by providing it with the power necessary to get you to where you are going.  With a "factory fresh" guarantee, Interstate Batteries are America's No. 1 replacement battery.

Interstate Batteries offers a wide array of batteries to fit your every need.  Whether its automotive, commercial, agricultural, commercial or even device batteries such as AA, AAA, C, D; we have it all!  We are your one stop shop for batteries.  

Golf Car/Scrubber