Into the future

Jack retired in 2000, handing the reins of leadership over to his son, Chris.  Chris and his family have continued the legacy, passed onto him by his father, of high standards of service and treating others with respect.  Over the years, the business has grown from the one car operation Jack started with, to one with many vehicles and team members.  Beginning with just a few Dealers, the enterprise now has many hundreds of Dealer partners in the Detroit area.  As Interstate's brand name grew, so did the business in Detroit.  

the early years

In the spring of 1950, John Searcy began selling and delivering car batteries to wholesalers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area from the back of his red Studebaker pickup truck.  After two years, Searcy founded his new company and named it Interstate Battery System, after the new interstate highway system being built across the U.S.  He based his business on high principles: offer the best-quality product, provide impeccable service and treat the customer with respect.

In 1973, Jack & Gina Miltimore were living in Mesa, Arizona.  Jack was attending Arizona State University and was taking a business class.  One of his assignments was to write a paper about how a business operates and so Jack turned to his friend who was a Distributor for Interstate Batteries.  Jack offered to work for his friend for free for a week to be able to write his paper and after the week was up, decided to start his own business!

Jack contacted Interstate Headquarters and was given several locations that they were seeking Distributors for.  Given the large concentration of cars, Jack & Gina felt that Detroit would be a great opportunity and so they packed up their small family and moved to Detroit.  Borrowing $7500 from his dad, Jack opened up his business and began selling batteries.  Much like John Searcy, Jack delivered his batteries to wholesalers in the Detroit area in his brown, simulated-wood paneled Buick Estate station wagon.

Interstate Battery System of Detroit is an Authorized Distributor within the Interstate Batteries Distributor Network.  We service the Oakland & Macomb County areas and have focused for more than 40 years on providing outrageously dependable service and utilizing good old-fashioned business principles; treating others the way we would like to be treated.  

Interstate's History in Detroit


Interstate Batteries enjoys a top-quality reputation, in the products we sell and in the innovations and consistently reliable service that we deliver to the market place.  It's no wonder that Interstate Batteries is the No. 1 replacement brand battery in North America.  Interstate's corporate offices are located in Dallas, Texas and batteries are brought into the market place through a network of wholesale Distributors and sold through our Dealer Partners.